Cialis, otherwise known as Tadalafil, is a well-established medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. Cialis for sale is available in doses from 2.5 to 20mg, which you can take as needed or daily. For instance, the doses 2.5 mg and 5 mg are safe for daily intake while 10 ml and 20 mg are recommended for using here and now. Cialis together with its counterparts (Viagra and Stendra) belongs to the group of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PDE5i) designed to treat sex-related issues (mainly, impotence). These medicines work similarly yet they feature certain differences allowing doctors to prescribe one or another depending on your situation.

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Cialis’ active component, Tadalafil, was patented and exclusively sold by Eli Lilly. However, after their patent expired, other drug manufacturers received permission to produce Cialis generic. According to the Food and Drug Administration, all drugs sold under the brand name Cialis must contain the same active component and work in the same way in the body. The only major difference between generic Cialis and the original one is that the former is much cheaper and can be purchased without a prescription. This enables users to buy Cialis for sale either in a physical ‘near me’ medical store or online.

How to identify fake cialis

Because Cialis generic is available online, many people are concerned about its quality and safety. In particular, they worry if a drug they got is real since a counterfeited won’t bring the desired effect and may be harmful to the health. Therefore, after purchasing the drug, you need to look closely at it and see if there are any signs of a fake. Real Cialis has the print on the bill saying C and a dose, for instance, C20. Fake pills will have a slim C and a bit awkward font for 20 while certified Cialis has a fat C and rounded font. Also, counterfeit pills will have jagged rough edges while certified ones will feature smooth and distinct edges. Packages are also different. If you notice blurry print, cheap packing materials, and sloppy design – these are the bulletproof signs of a fake.

How to spot fake: Cialis Pills

Please note that Cialis is designed only for improving erectile dysfunction conditions and benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is not suitable for men who have no symptoms or indications for use. It is not for women or persons under the age of 18 either.

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Generic Cialis hit the market in 2018 after Eli Lilly’s potent had been expired. What does it mean for consumers? From now on, you can purchase drugs for erectile dysfunction much cheaper while having wider access to manufacturers.

A few months prior to releasing generic Cialis, original Cialis 5 mg cost approximately $370 for fills of 30 tablets. The price kept slowly picking up till it reached about $400 for the same dose and quantity. Luckily, after Cialis generic flooded the market, its price dropped 15% and is keeping gradually lowering further. The experts predict that we can see prices cut in half just a few months after Cialis became generic. So, instead of wearing a hefty price tag of $400, the drug will feature a significantly lower price per 30 pills making it available for a broad range of consumers.

Another benefit of generic Cialis is that it became available on the Internet. No need to head to a doctor for a prescription and then wait in lines in a drug store. Now you are able to purchase the drug with a massive discount in any dose and package and it will be delivered right to your door.

Cialis is supplied as almond-shaped tablets for oral administration in the strengths ranging through 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 mg. Although its active component, Tadalafil, is also available in the powder form packed in a 30 ml bottle, it is not designed to treat erectile dysfunction. Instead, it is used in curing pulmonary arterial hypertension. .Please keep in mind that Cialis is produced only in pills meaning you won’t find it in drops, liquid, suppositories, injections or any other form.

Cialis for Sale in USA

Before you purchase Cialis, you should see your doctor and obtain recommendations regarding doses, frequency of use, and a period of treatment. If a doctor believes that Cialis is the right medicine for your condition, he or she will prescribe it to you. However, since Cialis became generic, you do not need an actual prescription to buy it. Therefore, after you consult with a medical professional, you may simply go to the closest pharmacy and purchase a pack of Cialis.

Since many men shy to buy medicine for erectile dysfunction, a great alternative to visiting a physical store is buying drugs online. If you prefer this option, you can purchase the tablets fast, conveniently, and anonymously. Large online pharmacies deliver their products globally, including continental USA, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Nothing is simpler than picking Cialis in the recommended dose and quantity, adding it to the cart, paying with your credit card, and expecting a package in your mailbox a few days later. Online drug distributors will ship your order to any corner of the United States such as Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Edmonton, and many others. From Florida to California, New York to Seattle, the coverage spans all over America. One of the greatest advantages of buying online is that you can compare a price per 30 pills, discounts, and special propositions from several stores, thus easily find the most beneficial deal.

Cialis for Sale Over the Counter

Unlike its predecessor Cialis produced by Eli Lilly, Cialis generic is a no prescription drug. This means that a prescription, although strongly recommended, is not necessary. If you intend to use the medicine as needed, the optimal solution is to purchase it in the strength of 10mg and administer it orally whenever you plan a sexual intercourse. Other doses are designed for the long-duration treatment and may not cause the desired effect when being taken before sex.

Since Cialis generic is sold without a prescription, it is available in a wide range of online drug stores. Cialis and its generic counterpart are legal and certified drugs featuring the same active component, in the same proportion, and causing an identical effect in the body. Therefore, it is not of much difference which variation of the drug you take.

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Before starting using Cialis, we advise that you consult with your doctor regarding how to take it, when, and in which doses. Cialis interacts with a number of substances, in particular, nitrates, amyl nitrate, amyl nitrite, butyl nitrate, guanylate cyclase stimulators, and others. Therefore, you need to tell your healthcare provider if you are on any kind of drugs to avoid component incompatibilities. Moreover, Cialis is non compatible with grapefruits. Tadalafil, its main component, may build-up in the body since grapefruit’s nutrients prevent its breakdown by enzymes. As a result, you are at a higher risk of facing side effects.

Side Effects

Speaking of side effects, the most common of those are dizziness, chest pain, nausea, sweating, discomfort or pain in your arms and shoulders, irregular heartbeat, blurry vision or sight loss, faint, and short breath. If any of these symptoms occur, you should immediately call the ambulance. These conditions are contradictions to use Tadalafil-based medicine.

On top of above-mentioned side effects, you may experience headache, stuffy nose, back pain, or upset stomach. You may still continue using Cialis if these effects occur but you need to talk to your doctor regarding adjusting doses and frequency of use.

The starting dose for Cialis is 10mg. Most doctors prescribe it to see a man’s reaction to the medicine. If your body does not respond, you may be recommended increasing the dosage to 20mg daily. Both doses are considered to be safe although higher content of Tadalafil is associated with increased risk of side effects. Men older than 65 years of age should take Cialis with care since they might need to lower their doses to 5 mgs.

Cialis is taken with a full glass of still water. A few hours before intake, make sure to restrain from high-fat food since it may inhibit drug absorption. One pill is taken 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Don not exceed doses or use the drug more than once a day. Please keep in mind that erection won’t necessarily occur after taking a pill. Sexual arouse is a response to sexual stimulation; the medicine only promotes erection but doesn’t cause it.

Besides the doses of 10 and 20 mg, Cialis is available in 2.5 and 5mg. The strength of 100mg is currently deemed as excessive and it is not recommended by healthcare providers.

Viagra and Cialis for Sale

As we have already mentioned, there are two types of Cialis – the one produced by Eli Lilly and no prescription generic version. The difference between original and generic is insignificant. The active and auxiliary components and their ratio are the same. The dissimilarities may only be seen is appearance, packaging, and the number of tablets per pack.

Cialis is a direct competitor of Viagra. Despite the fact that Viagra is a leading drug in treating impotence, Cialis is catching up in popularity since the day it became generic. The fact is that Cialis is stronger than Viagra because its effect lasts up to 36 hours (whereas Viagra is effective only within 4 hours). Moreover, low doses of Cialis may be safely taken daily. This is a beneficial option for men who prefer spontaneous sexual activities. Please keep in mind that healthcare professionals don’t recommend taking Cialis plus Viagra since it may lead to unpredictable side effects causing serious health problems and even death.

If you prefer an even more lasting effect, you may want to try Cialis Black. It contains a maximum allowable dose of Tadalafil, which duration of action is up to 48 hours. Thanks to its super active component, it is often called the weekend pill. Whichever option you end up with, ensure to talk to your doctor and get his or her advice.